Our Estimation Process

When you call or send a message to get a quote for cleaning your home, we will talk about your cleaning needs and information about your home. Either a price range or firm price of what it would cost to clean your home will be given to you based on the information you provided. If you decide that you want to do a one time clean for your home, we would go ahead and schedule a Deep Cleaning and give you a firm price over the phone based on information you provide. If you decide to do a recurring service, we will provide you a price range and schedule an in-home estimate. The in-home estimate will give us an opportunity to personally meet you, family members and pets, and walk with you through your home to be able to give you a firm price. This also gives us a chance to talk about specific items that we may not be able to clean unless some prep work is done and those sort of details wouldn’t typically come up on a phone call. We take cleaning your home serious. At the end of the day, you should know exactly what to expect from our cleaning services.