About Us

My wife, Nickie, was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 2016 and I was laid off from Sprint around the same time. I think it was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to be here for her when she needed me the most. Since that dark time in our lives, I decided that we needed a plan that would help us be financially stable and allow me to be here to support her and the kids when they need me. That’s the beginning of Boltz Cleaning Services. Not only does this company help us, but it helps so many others. Our company helps people who need us to help keep their homes clean and healthy. It makes us feel good at the end of a clean when we can see the difference we have made in someone’s life just by cleaning. We are also happy to start providing jobs for people. To a lot of people cleaning may not be an ideal job, but I beg to differ. The pay is great, you get instant gratification of your performance and you have wonderful bosses. There was no doubt that this venture was what I needed to start for my wife, kids, family and community.

Our kiddos. They are a handful, but they make us happy. Our oldest Aidan is a guitar player. He loves to play classic heavy metal like Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and Motorhead. He is a very talented boy. Our daughter Nina is a true artist and has the kindest heart. She loves to paint and draw. Her creativity knows no boundaries and will help out at the drop of a hat. Our youngest Asher is a video game addict. He plays Fortnite every chance he gets and he is extremely good at it for as young as he is.

Finally our fur babies. We brought them in one by one at different times. Our dog Lola is a Australian Shepherd with beautiful blue eyes. You can usually see us at the dog park at Heritage Park in Olathe. My wife has always said “all my animals are gonna get along.” She was right, they all get along pretty well. Baby Beau is actually Lola’s Uncle. Lola’s Grandma is Beau’s Mama. Every now and again they “play fight” then they end up snuggling later. Reggie is never sure about anyone, he’s very skittish. Harvey loves to eat. He’d eat all day long if we let him. Illah Mae is the newest feline. Her cat brothers do a great job protecting her from our puppers. We couldn’t imagine life without them!


Aaron Boltz & Nickie Boltz

Owner & Technician Trainer, Aaron has an amazing customer rapport. He’s compassionate and does great when meeting the needs our all our customers. When time permits, you can find him getting to know you on a personal level. He efficiently trains all our Cleaning Technicians using our 2-week program. In this timeframe he effectively coaches our girls to individually complete their responsibilities.

Owner & Officer Manager, Nickie has recently took the steps to leave working in the field behind her! Being that Boltz Cleaning Services is rapidly growing, a better fit for her was now behind the scenes. At the moment she’s in charge of all customer leads and in-home estimates.

Nina Boltz & Aidan Johnson

Nina is an artist and our only daughter! She enjoys spending time with her friends. She aspires to be an actress in horror films. She is also apart of our marketing team.

Aidan is our oldest son. His role here is to help with marketing. He enjoys playing the guitar. He loves 80’s heavy metal!

Alia Bermudez

As our Executive Administrative Assistant, she takes care of customer inquiries, customer follow ups and all that’s in between! She does great work handling all our office needs. She’s here to help finish the groundbreaking development that is Boltz Cleaning Services. Much like us, she’s an entrepreneur! She works hard to make a difference with whomever she comes across. She enjoys networking and connecting people with her Mentors. She’s very family oriented and a fur Mama of 2. Our customers love her inviting personality and she has 10+ years of customer service experience.

Ramona Yoder

She’s fun and keeps a positive mindset. She’s very welcoming and has a bubbly personality; our customers adore her. Along with her 10 years of customer service experience, she has amazing leadership abilities! She is an active volunteer She’s active in her community’s affairs. She obtained a degree in Psychology from KU. We love just how much she uses her voice to stand up for what she believes in! Jazz EDM is her jam. At times you’ll even catch her out her supporting her boyfriend as he’s DJing events.

Jazmine Torres

A mother of 3 and always on the go. Her daughter is her oldest and she has 2 younger boys, all whom are her world! With 8 years of customer service experience, she always goes above and beyond to create the perfect customer experience.

Rebecca Kittell

She’s been in the cleaning industry for the last 35 years! She has 3 children; her daughters are twins and her son is the youngest of her bunch. She also has 3 grandchildren. She’s a true customer-favorite! She has excellent customer rapport and does a fantastic job keeping customers happy.

Savannah Adams

With almost 2 years of customer service experience she’s young, but eager to learn! A true horse enthusiast. She also received a scholarship to LSU for gymnastics and in her spare time she enjoys woodworking.